About Us

“Striving for Perfection… Settling for Excellence”
Our name implies perfection, although we know that goal is rarely achieved. But in 1983 we chose to name our business Pastry Perfection to remind us that perfection is always the goal. This quest begins and ends with the freshest quality local ingredients that we can find. Like using flour from *Shepherd’s Grain with wheat grown right here in the Northwest on the Palouse.

The ‘old school’ baking techniques (that’s ‘a good thing’) have been passed down from one generation to another at Pastry Perfection, bringing our quality ingredients to life. Some of our employees have 40 or 50 years of baking experience, and many have been with us for 20-plus years.Everything we sell is made from scratch. There are no shells that are simply filled with premade filling and put on the shelf. No frozen dough that is baked off and called ‘homemade’. It takes time, effort and skill to produce the quality that we call ‘Pastry Perfection’. One taste and you know the difference is real. You and your family deserve the best; you deserve Pastry Perfection!

*Why Shepherd’s Grain?
Not only is Shepherd’s Grain wheat good for the environment and the economy but it tastes delicious. “We decided to grow sustainable wheat and were happy to discover that it tastes better,” exclaimed Fred. “Artisan bakeries are very impressed with Shepherd’s Grain wheat. A baker tried blending them together and they made a very flavorful and functional flour. Recently I was told that our flour has the most integrity that he has seen in his 30 years of baking”, says Karl. So on top of being eco-friendly the flour is excellent to bake with.